Social Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is committed under the directives of the capital markets authority with respect to the good governance principles to shoulder its social responsibility towards stakeholders, employees and society and to realize the social and environmental goals as well as the company’s economic goals.

The company is keen on its ongoing commitment to the social responsibility through social behaviors intended to achieve sustainable development for the community in general and its employees in particular. This is realized through initiatives intended to improve living conditions of employees and their families and the society in general and to reduce the unemployment rate and the waste of environment resources.

It is intended to promote management concept to include social and environmental issues in its operations and relations with the stakeholders. Social responsibility paves the way before the company to set balance between the economic, environmental and social necessities and in the same time to fulfill the expectations of the shareholders and stakeholders and contribute to the reduction of poverty and accordingly improve the company reputation and promote its trademark. However, the concept of social responsibility means much more.

Good application of the social responsibility concept may result in several competitive benefits such as better opportunities to secure capital, enter markets, increase sales, save operational costs, improve production and quality, promote the company’s reputation and image, improve client loyalty level and improve decision making and risk management process.