Investors Relations

The Board of Directors of Shuaiba Industrial Company K.P.S.C shall fulfill its obligation to represent the shareholders and stakeholders. As part of such obligation, the corporate policy set policies and procedures to fairly represent the company whereby the existing investors and potential investors would be kept informed of the investment decisions.

Contact Person:

Mr. Osama Mahmoud Rashwan
Investor unit Officer 
(+965) 24711258 Ext 10

Investor Relations Policy

  • The company always releases its financial results and fundamental developments to Kuwait stock exchange market, its shareholders and stakeholders in transparent and comprehensive manner.
  • The company makes announcements and communications through its authorized points of contact.
  • The company uses its website as additional channel of communication
  • Any non-public information unintentionally disclosed to investment analysts or specialists or any shareholder who may utilize such information for trading shall be disclosed immediately to the investors and stakeholders.
  • The company is proactive in dealing with relevant news and rumors to avoid any speculation of its stocks
  • The company provides information to analysts and mass media to help them publish their opinions about the company rather than impact such opinions
  • The company seeks to meet with the shareholders at least once each fiscal year as part of the ongoing communication program and secure their feedback on the company.