Conflict of Interest Policy

As part of corporate governance, the company prepared conflict of interest policies manual including the necessary approaches and procedures for handling and management thereof as well as for fulfillment of such requirements and prohibition of behaviors by the members of board of directors and executive management and separation between personal interests and official duties of the company.

These policies are intended to help the company and each of its direct and indirect subsidiaries and members of the board of directors and the executive management spread and establish the corporate regulatory values and good management techniques of the actual and potential cases of conflict of interest. Shuaiba Industrial Company K.P.S.C is committed to manage its business fairly and properly to ensure the realization of long term interests of shareholders. As a part of this commitment, the company has established necessary policies and procedures for fair and proper business practices and behaviors which the company expects of the members of its board of directors and employees alike. These policies and procedures are applicable to all the company employees, suppliers, officers and Board Members.