Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct

Shuaiba Industrial Company K.P.S.C is committed to promote professional behaviors, integrity, honesty and development of values in the company to increase the investors trust in the company integrity and the correctness of its financial statements. As part of this commitment, the board of directors set the code of conduct including the policy of conflict of interests for the members of board of directors and the executive management to promote good practices, ethical behaviors and protect long term interests of the stakeholders.

  • Integrity comes on the top of the company values. It is the goal that guides its employees in their acts. Focus on integrity promotes the business approach based on the propagation of ethics and making ethical decision.
  • Ethical attitude and behavior promote the decisions based on values upon provision of service to customers in the context of business. The company is proud of acting not only in the interest of business but also in the interest of the interested public including the community where it is working.
  • For promotion of such values, the professional and ethical standards guide is prepared to help the board of directors and the executive management perform their tasks in accordance with a system based on ethical values. The principles and values of this guide are an integral part of the strict commitment which the company seeks to fulfill to maintain its reputation and public trust.
  • This guide defines the ethical expectations of the members of the board of directors and executive management of the company. All employees of the company have to be aware and understand this guide including any tasks and responsibilities such as but not limited to reporting of any potential violations.